Critical Water Shortages Disaster Plan instituted in Cape Town


The City of Cape Town has introduced a critical water shortages disaster plan. 

The plan has a three phases approach and PHASE 1 has been implemented:

      1. PHASE 1: Water rationing through limiting supply and advanced pressure management and institute a 40% saving across urbanised areas.
      1. PHASE 2: Implementation of Phase 2 will be considered when there is a high likelihood the dam storage will drop below 10%. To supply water to residents, water collection sites will be established across the city. Residents will be able to collect a predefined quantity of drinking water per person per day from these collection sites.
      1. PHASE 3: Full-scale disaster implementation. Non-surface drinking water supplies, sourced from groundwater abstraction from various aquifers and spring water, will be available for drinking purposes only. The City will distribute this water, supplemented by bottled water, to residents through water distribution points. Critical services will be significantly reduced.

As at the end of September 2017, the National Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) requires that the City institute a 40% saving across urbanised areas. It is anticipated that this restriction level may be increased by the DWS.

Read more here: Critical Water Shortages – Disaster Plan.pdf