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CoworKite launches community-driven workation in Mauritius for Kitesurfers

An artist's impression of Sandton City’s new family fun level.
An artist's impression of Sandton City’s new family fun level.

After a highly successful first year of running a co-working office by the beach in Cape Town, CoWorKite has decided to start their own 3 months workation programme in Mauritius in June-August 2018.

CoworKite, a co-working space for kitesurfers based in Cape Town, has launched a community-driven workation which is tailored towards remote workers and business kitesurfers who want to escape American or European winter. Entrepreneurs, freelancers and digital nomads who enjoy a relaxed beach lifestyle will get the opportunity to stay in Mauritius to share their passion for watersports and co-working, co-living and networking with like-minded people.

The tiny tropical Indian Ocean island of Mauritius has been named as one of the best places to do business in Africa, with a booming economy and a growing entrepreneurial ecosystem. With the population of 1.3 million people and size only at 45 by 65 kilometres whole island feels like a one big city. Mauritius is a safe country in Africa with multi racial and peaceful people. Fascinating cultural diversity is reflected in the dining scene, with French, Creole, African and Indian cuisines. Along with Cape Town, it is the best place in Africa for location independent entrepreneurs.

The best time to visit Mauritius is June through September. Water is still warm, but it’s not hot and humid any more. It’s windy season with much fewer tourists and prices are the lowest. When it comes to kitesurfing and windsurfing it doesn’t get any better than Le Morne in Mauritius, and it’s perfect place for beginners. Besides watersports and beautiful white sand beaches, other popular activities are mountain trekking, diving, golf and skydiving.

Besides the coworking space by the beach and apartments nearby, workation includes weekly workshops, business and community events that will be organized by a community manager and local kitesurfing host.

The ability to take a short walk to the beach for a kitesurfing session is our formula for an extraordinary co-working location – CoworKite

Besides usual community, business and kitesurfing events on Mauritius, special workshops will also be held for location independent entrepreneurs and digital nomads who want to reduce taxation over their global earnings.

There are many reasons why Mauritius is one of the best cities for digital nomads, including good value for money, free 3 months visa upon arrival, and English as the local language.