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Great lifestyle options offered by KZN’s Upper Highway countryside

Phezula Estate KZN Seeff
Countryside properties Seeff Hillcrest and Waterfall currently have on offer include a 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom home priced R3.35m in PheZulu Estate.

Whilst KZN is well known for its beach attractions, there are still expanses of countryside and developments focusing on country lifestyle that are proving very popular n the province.

Michele Wilson, Director of Seeff Hillcrest, Kloof, Waterfall and surrounds, explains: “In our area of the Upper Highway KZN, the most popular countryside places which draw the buyers are Shongweni, Summerveld, Monteseel and Drummond, with the latest upswing being experienced in the Hammersdale area due to the R1.1 bn warehouse investment by Mr Price which has seen a huge revival of interest in this particular area”.  

“These are considered our ‘outlying’ areas and the lifestyle there is largely drawing the horse owners and people who are looking for smallholding opportunities either to have livestock or grow their own fruit and veg, or just to provide their young families with an out of town and holistic, peaceful countryside lifestyle. As far as the horse owners and cattle/pig farmers are concerned, they wish to ensure that their animals have large erfs for their wellbeing, as ensuring that their family’s lifestyle is that of a free and open environment.”

She says that prior to all the development in Hillcrest and Kloof, the Upper Highway area was always a farming community. “Even though development has taken place, the areas I mention above are still farming and countryside areas. Hillcrest has therefore become known as the ‘village with a vibe’, and the flavour of farming communities is still very present in Shongweni and Summerveld. We have a mixture of wonderful estates and game farms in our countryside areas, for example PheZulu Estate and Stoneford, which attract families wanting either countryside living where the game stock roam freely or an estate which attends to all their equestrian needs.”

She adds that those looking to buy country properties are made up of a mixed age and race demographic, with a few foreign investors purchasing ‘holiday’ homes for their visits to South Africa where they fulfill their needs for countryside and wildlife experiences. “Many large erfs of hectares of land can be purchased at really good value – especially for the foreign buyers. Potential buyers must be sure to deal with a real estate agent who recognizes and has all the property’s information readily available and understands exactly what you  require from the countryside living you are planning to enter into”.

“In our office we have experienced agents who have ring-fenced the outlying areas as the sector that they sell in.  These agents are well conversant not only in the history of the area, but all relevant aspects that are important to the farming community and all the agricultural legal zonings and environmental aspects important to the ‘out of town’ buyer.”