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Useful resources for property buyers and sellers

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So you’ve decided you would like to buy a property or maybe sell the house you are in, where to now?  With all the resources available to both buyers and sellers, it doesn’t have to be a daunting task, says Adrian Goslett, Regional Director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa.

Below are some of the tools available to assist in smoothing the way to buying or selling a home:

Internet intelligence

Gone are the days of wading through mountains of archaic print ads with a highlighter circling possible options and trying desperately to find the one property that matches all of your criteria.  With the availability and access to technology that consumers have today, it comes as no surprise that nine out of ten property searches start online. The internet has a wealth of property-related information that can be accessed by a click of a button, which has made the web the go-to-tool for sellers and buyers alike. Searching online will cut down the viewing time and research aspect involved in buying and selling a property dramatically.

“Buyers can simply set their specific search parameters and filter through thousands of property listings in a short time frame. Property search portals have all kinds of information and statistics on the top areas in which to buy and the average prices per area.  Most sites will also have bond calculators to help you work out what you can expect to pay. This means that you will already have a good idea of what properties you can afford and will want to view before you have even left the front door,” says Goslett. “Online search portals also cut down on the amount of time you will spend driving around to show houses, as you can develop a list of the top properties that suit your requirements and only visit those.”

He says that for sellers, the advent of internet property listings gives each home a much greater exposure to a targeted audience of potential buyers, and therefore, a much greater chance of attracting a serious buyer.

Funding and finance

For the prospective buyer, partnering with a bond origination company  will help to ensure that the bond application process goes smoothly. Originators act as an intermediary between you and the banks, ensuring that you get the optimum deal on your home loan.

Originators provide value to sellers too, in that they can assist agents in qualifying buyers before they view a property. Their expertise in assisting buyers to obtain finance will lessen the chance of the sale falling through.

“Bond originators provide excellent advice and have extensive knowledge of the various bank products and their loan criteria. Originators handle the application and paperwork, along with the motivation for finance for the buyer. Because they have relationships with the banks, they know their systems and can achieve results faster,” says Goslett.   He adds that bond originators offer their service free of charge to the consumer, so it just wouldn’t make sense not to use this invaluable tool.

Professional service

“A real estate professional will give valuable advice on current market trends, as well as the changes in the laws that directly affect the buying and selling of residential property. With a large amount of money involved in a property sale, it is comforting to have someone who is familiar will all the different aspects involved in the transaction to assist you with the process,” says Goslett.

An estate agent will prepare a marketing plan for the home, which will involve several aspects such as taking photos, listing the property in print and online media, arranging viewings and show days and managing offers.

He concludes by saying that ultimately sellers are looking to have their property sold for the highest possible price within the fastest possible time. And buyers are looking for the right property at the right price that suits their individual requirements. These tools will assist both buyers and sellers in matching all of these elements and ensuring a successful sale.