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Peggy Sue-Khumalo chats to entrepreneurs at To the Point Session

Peggy-Sue Khumalo, head of the Public Sector and Black Business Portfolio for Investec Group.
Peggy-Sue Khumalo, head of the Public Sector and Black Business Portfolio for Investec Group.

Few people are better positioned to share valuable insight for entrepreneurs on goal setting with determination than businesswoman Peggy-Sue Khumalo.

Today, Khumalo heads the Public Sector and Black Business Portfolio for Investec Group and Investec Corporate and Institutional Banking. But, her impressive achievements haven’t come easy. It has taken a lifetime of pursuing her goals with heaps hard work, pure determination, putting her best foot forward and making the most of the support and opportunities she has received from mentors.

Khumalo shared her powerful story with a full house of entrepreneurs at a recent To The Point session, hosted by Property Point, a Growthpoint Properties initiative. The monthly events are designed to help entrepreneurs achieve the success and growth that will help them reach their goals.

“Thriving small businesses are essential to create the jobs and the growth we need for this country. We must support small business to help achieve this growth,” says Khumalo.

Khumalo knows what it means to start from humble beginnings. She describes herself as a farm girl from Newcastle, where she grew up in a single parent home. After finishing school and not knowing what she wanted to do, but being aware that the tertiary education she desired was far beyond the financial reach of her mother, she worked with her mother as a domestic worker for two years.

Wanting more, she went in search of a job and not only found one washing hair as an assistant to a hairdresser, but met people from all walks of life who opened her eyes to new possibilities. She entered and won the regional Miss Ellerines competition. This led her to embark on a modelling career and ultimately win the title of Miss South Africa.

During her reign as Miss South Africa, she often travelled with Nelson Mandela to represent the country at different events. About a year after she handed over her crown, remembering that Khumalo had expressed a long-time wish to go to university, Madiba asked Investec’s Stephen Koseff to sponsor her studies and Koseff agreed.

Khumalo earned a BA Hons (Economics & Political Science) and an MSc (Economics) from the University of Manchester, UK. Then, she went on to join Investec Bank UK in its asset management division. Returning to South Africa, she joined Investec Corporate and Institutional Banking (ICIB) progressing to her current position over a 13-year banking career with Investec.

Khumalo shared her inspiring story during the insight-rich To The Point workshop. She also provided pointers to help entrepreneurs set achievable business targets and objectives, and follow them through with determination and stamina.

Importantly, Khumalo explored ways to adopt a new mindset and internalise the discipline needed to reach goals and help keep entrepreneurs and their teams motivated to accomplish these objectives. She offered her six ‘Ps’ of life as a guiding framework.

Peggy-Sue Khumalo’s six ‘Ps” of life:

  1. Purpose

Have a purpose greater than yourself. Serve others. Make a difference.

  1. Passion

Your purpose becomes your passion. Whatever it is – children, community, family – it is what gets you out of bed every morning and keeps you moving forward, through good times and bad.

  1. Persistence

Never give up. Life is full of surprises. Don’t quit. Have a zest for life. In South Africa, many of our parents had nothing but made it work. Be careful of becoming complacent or dependent on others. Challenge others who have fallen into this trap.

  1. Patience

We get impatient too quickly. Be patient; not everything happens in the time you want it to. This is an unbelievably important quality.

  1. Performance

Give your best. If you want something to happen, get on with it and do the job. This isn’t only about work, but also about work-life balance. There isn’t one perfect balance. It is all about the integration of all aspects of your life.

  1. People

People and relationships are everything. You are who you are because of the people in your life. You are also accountable to these people. Serve those who matter to you.

Property Point is a Growthpoint initiative that helps build sustainable small businesses. Its information-packed monthly To The Point workshops take place at the Southern Sun Hotel, Hyde Park and are focused on entrepreneurs as well as small and growing businesses. Everyone is welcome to attend, but booking is essential as seating is limited. The investment is R150.00. Book by emailing