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Leadhome launches digital platform Simpli


Local real estate agency Leadhome today announced the launch of Simpli, a new platform that promises to make buying or selling a home easy and stress-free. The platform is the first of its kind in the South African market, the company’s CEO, Marcel du Toit, says.

“We live in a technology-driven age of on-demand taxis, artificial intelligence, chat bots, and self-driving cars. Simpli is a part of this, using the latest technologies to improve our clients’ experience when selling the property,” du Toit says.

He adds that Simpli not only automates many of the steps in the process, such as scheduling viewings, it also provides sellers with the information they need to make sure they get the best results and avoid nasty surprises.

“By automating much of the process and providing sellers with essential information, Simpli frees up the precious time our agents and clients have together to talk about more complex matters, such as strategy and making sure of the best outcome. That is how Simpli adds value and cuts costs,” du Toit comments.

Using Simpli, sellers can see how much interest there is in their property, set their availability, schedule viewings with prospective buyers and get real-time information on what is happening with their sale, 24×7.

Harry Hattingh, Leadhome’s Principal Agent, says that agents remain crucial to the future of real estate and to the company’s model.

“By pairing the best agents with cutting-edge technology, the Simpli platform allows Leadhome agents to sell property more efficiently than traditional agents but with the guidance, advice and support sellers would not get from online-only agents,” Hattingh adds.

“We’ve got exciting upgrades to Simpli planned over the coming months. For now, we can’t wait for clients to try it out and let us know what they think,” says John Murray, Leadhome’s Chief Technology Officer.

Murray says client feedback is important to Leadhome and has been crucial to how the company has grown so rapidly.