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CT’s winter weather remains unpredictable warns Indawo

Home maintenance / renovations

By now Capetonians have become accustomed to water restrictions and an unusually dry start to the winter with hardly a drop of rain falling so far, and not much predicted soon. According to painting, waterproofing and construction company, Indawo, planning for winter maintenance has just become a bit more complex as weather forecasts remain relatively unpredictable.

Indawo managing director, Geoffrey Jäck, says that this is usually a time when interior maintenance is planned and executed. “The continued sunshine has allowed construction companies to finalise exterior work,” he says. “We have been able to complete some projects before the anticipated rainfall periods during winter. The lengthy dry spell does make it a little more difficult to plan new work as we are unsure of what the weather holds in store for us as May, June and July approaches; months that generally have significant rainfall patterns. But there is no real cause to delay work as rainfall, even during this period, is sporadic.”

What we can expect is some rainfall in the coming weeks and months and this may have an impact on building facilities managers and bodies corporate decisions, as they opt to delay maintenance plans. But, Jäck says that this should not necessarily be the resultant decision as some work may need to be done to avoid further damage to external structures, should the pending rainfall turn out to be more than expected.

Jäck explains, “Firstly, critical areas can be identified that could be a risk to the integrity of the building and measures taken to ensure damage is either avoided or at the least, minimised. Secondly, minimising potential damage can significantly reduce costs when drier months arrive, so it is advisable to have your buildings assessed if there are areas of concern. Of course, internal work is hardly ever hampered by rainfall and there is no reason why internal painting and construction cannot be completed during the wet months.”

Indawo recommends that building owners check outer structures to ensure that they are safe from potential water ingress before the rainy season. Winter does not necessarily mean danger for building owners, but it can be an uncomfortable experience once leaks become evident inside.

Jäck concludes, “Regular checking of outer structures and substructures is a critical part of your maintenance programme. Any indications of water damage, or potential water ingress, should be seen to and if you are unsure, contact a specialist to assess the risks facing the building before the rainfall commences.”