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Affluent areas using eco-friendly construction method

Fresney Double Storey
This eco-friendly designer home was built using Magnaboards a unique green building board.

The latest trend for property investors is choosing designs that incorporate a strong eco-conscious philosophy on sustainability of natural materials.

With steel being 100 percent recyclable, leading Light Steel Frame companies  in South Africa, say they are experiencing a huge demand throughout South Africa  Previously the steel frames were externally  cladded using either timber ,fibre cement boards or osb  boards.

Currently they are using a unique green product Magnaboard, these boards are made from Magnesium Oxide, and are recyclable, a proven fire retardant, mould free and the best insulator during both summer and winter Dave Lindup CEO of Magnaboards says “ light steel frame construction is suited for the residential, commercial and institutional markets.  The construction is cost effective with a limited wastage  i.e. 2 percent on site compared to the 30 percent wastage in conventional building methods . An additional benefit is that  steel is  stronger than bricks and mortar. Added to the advantages is that  construction time  is  faster than traditional building methods and this ensures early occupation and there is  up to  a 40 % saving on labour costs.”

He concludes “We are very excited about the sustainability of Magnaboards and already this year we have secured 30 new projects where these boards will be used.”