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Renprop partners with Find Your Deal

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Over the last five or so years, the trend has arisen in new sectional title developments where they come equipped with new appliances, all of which is included in the sale price. Chris Renecle, MD of Renprop, says that over the last couple of years Renprop has noticed that while this trend appeals to some buyers, many buyers already have their own appliances. Those buying for investment purposes also often have tenants with their own appliances.

“This creates a hassle for the owner or tenant as they have to dispose of the appliances they have or pay to keep one set in storage.”

Based on these observations, Renprop has decided to partner with Find Your Deal – a popular online shop for home goods and more – in order to offer buyers in specific Renprop developments a voucher for the Find Your Deal online shop. “This means that buyers can kit out their new apartment or spoil themselves with awesome electronic devices, they can use their voucher as they please,” says Renecle.

He explains that Find Your Deal offers a complete range of leading premium electronic, appliance, computer and furniture brands as well as specialised items. “From TV’s and bedroom suites, to fridges, thermal security cameras and air-conditioners, they offer all the products any homeowner would need to enhance their luxury living experience,” he says.

Each development will offer a different value of voucher and packages have been specified per unit type for ease of purchase.

Find Your Deal is part of a national network with access to thousands of premium brands and products throughout the country at the best prices. This has allowed Renprop together with Find Your Deal to create specific packages that are tailored specifically for Renprop buyers with common household appliances grouped together for a great price. These packages are fully customisable, which gives Renprop’s buyers amazing flexibility in the brand and type of products they choose to purchase with their voucher.

“We believe in creating great housing value for our buyers, which is what we have done for more than 20 years in all of the sectional title residential developments we have created. In today’s competitive buyer’s market, which is seeing the effects of a slow and uncertain economy, those looking to purchase a property need to find value in every cent they spend. These vouchers are just another way in which Renprop is providing even more value for its buyers,” Renecle concludes.