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Pinelands Grove – a retirement lifestyle-must!

RetirementSa Pinelands Grove
A view of Pinelands Grove's beautifully kept gardens.

If it comes to retirement– why should Pinelands Grove be the chosen one?  The honest answer lies in the testimony of one of their residents. “I was the most reluctant client to decide on and move to Pinelands Grove – my family had a battle on their hands. Eventually I had to budge. Today I am the happiest occupant you can have’ and it’s because I don’t feel like living in a Retirement village, I live in a five star hotel with five star facilities on offer and some wonderful people around me. It truly is independent living at it best!”

“With 70% of the units sold”, Jan Louw of Joint Marketing Agents RetirementSA says that “you stand a chance of missing this fantastic opportunity if you delay”.

Due to their exceptional popularity, availability is down to the last 2 two bedroom units – a 58m² or 63 m² selling at R1 595 000.  In the one bedroom category there are still some lovely units available, ranging from a 36m² selling at R895 000 to a 47m² with lovely mountain views available at R1 195 000.  In the more affordable category, there are the 24m² studio units at R629 000 or the most affordable option at R495 000.

Pinelands Grove’s units are sold on the Life Right basis, but with a difference.  On re-sale you receive your initial payment back together with 25% of any net profits which is significantly higher than the industry norm. All services are fully operational and care and or assistance can be provided in any of the units in the village. A Frail Care Centre with single en-suite rooms are also available should it be required. Meals are offered in a beautiful dining room adjacent to a luxurious lounge area, and the offerings available from the coffee shop will satisfy any sweet tooth.