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Selling & renting through a managing agent is not a bad idea …

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“What few people may realise, is that managing agents are in fact also fully accredited estate agents, says Paul French, the commercial director for Coastal Property Sales and Letting. “They have first-hand insight and knowledge of sectional title property and more so if they are involved in the particular complex or estate”.

That, he says, places them in the ideal position to act as the sales and letting agents for the complexes and estates that they manage. Managing agents have the same skills and expertise and access to the same marketing tools that traditional estate agents use, but bring more insight and expertise in this particular property class.

“What’s more, they know the complex so well, that they know exactly what type of buyer or tenant who would be interested, meaning that they are able to advise closely on how to target the marketing and at what level to set the price to attract maximum interest for the property”.

“While it’s exciting to sell or rent out your home, it can be daunting and there are many things to consider. The economy plays a big role. In a good economy, you can attract many buyers and tenants and good prices, but when the economy is down, it becomes a tougher task. This then, is where the skills and insight of a managing agent could make all the different”, says French.

Jason Paans, property consultant with the group says that the benefits of using a professional real estate agent far outweighs the benefits of not using one: “In addition to just the marketing, there are many nuances to take into account. For example, setting the price at the right level to attract maximum interest. Then, once you have interested buyers or tenants, there is quite a process before it becomes a deal to get excited about. Thereafter, there are the many procedural and legal aspects, all of which makes the role of an agent a vital one”.

“When you are a seller or landlord in a complex or estate, the process of attracting and hosting show days can also be a lot more challenging, here too, the managing agents, are ideally placed to ensure a smooth process”, says Paans.

There are also many nuances, rules and regulations that come with sectional title property which differs drastically from full title property. These, says French, are not always well understood by potential buyers or tenants. Here too, the managing agent can make all the difference in ensuring a smooth transaction and happy outcome for all parties.

A managing agent, being quite accustomed to managing the complex, is also ideally place to oversee and manage any repairs or inspections that need to be done on the property before it is ready to be marketed and especially before the sale is concluded or the new tenant takes occupation. Then, in the case of a rental, the managing agent is of course ideal to continue managing the property and occupancy.

As a final point, Paans notes that estate agents play a vital role in the selling process, not only to advertise and sell the property but also to counsel you on the steps, and guide you through the process to remove any doubt or any anxiety which may cause you distress or even deter you from selling the property.