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Rondebosch Oval ‘ticks all the boxes’ for secure investment

The Rondebosch Oval, Rawson Developers
Rawson Developers, are making a bold statement with the launch of a new luxury development in the leafy suburb of Rondebosch, called the Rondebosch Oval.

Cape Town based property company, Rawson Developers, are making a bold statement with the launch of a new luxury development in the leafy suburb of Rondebosch, called the Rondebosch Oval.

Detailed master planning has ensured that properties within the Rondebosch Oval are ideally positioned to meet the lifestyle aspirations and needs of higher end clients. A total of 41 units are envisaged, for sale in the price range R 6.95 million to R 10.7 million.

“Today’s discerning buyer is looking for something different”, suggests Carl Nortje, the managing director of Rawson Developers. “Large freestanding erfs are a luxury and pose a responsibility that fewer people are able to contemplate these days. Instead, buyers are looking for the latest in comfort, easy access to work, play and shop – all with 24/7 security that is there when needed but does not intrude. They also want a winning investment – somewhere they can place their hard earned money to provide not only a comfortable lifestyle, but a worthy investment paying back over a reasonable period of time by way of capital growth”.

“Hence the concept of the Rondebosch Oval was born. We purchased a well known site close to the (Rondebosch) Common and subsequently had our redevelopment plans approved by the City. So we are offering something unique to the market. Our clients will be able to buy into a piece of real estate with an interesting background, offering exceptional lifestyle benefits.”

Nortje explains that because the existing property was never developed beyond the existing Rondebosch Sports Club, it was agreed with the previous owners that this club with its first division cricket side and bowling club, would continue to benefit all members. “In fact it will be upgraded to the most modern standards, including an entirely new clubhouse, gym and swimming pool. This also includes the existing cricket oval that will now be maintained by our landscaping and gardening staff”, he adds.

All residents at the Rondebosch Oval will also enjoy membership of the greatly upgraded Rondebosch Sports Club with its enhanced new facilities. Above all, the new complex offers 41 townhouses which incorporate the most modern designs and features in contemporary housing available on the market. These include multiple option designer finishes so that the buyer can make a unique statement of identity and belonging in the Oval.

Green features are built into the complex to ensure a light footprint on mother earth and minimise its dependence on water and energy resources from the city – and reduce operating cost. Security is quiet and unobtrusive – working 24/7 by way of high tech cameras, manned gates and foot patrols. Accessibility is also a major plus, adds Nortje. This means an easy 14 km drive to the airport (The Oval is located close to the M5) and an even shorter distance to the CBD.

“A luxury club and village lifestyle presents itself”, says Nortje. “There is plenty of green space here – enough to more than stretch your legs and fill your lungs with fresh air, all while remaining within the place”.