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Chintsa’s countryside living appeal boosts area’s sales

Ocean & Lagoon Olivewood Estate
Chintsa boasts a 15km clear stretch of beach as well as natural forests and a beautiful lagoon.

Owning a home in the countryside can be an alluring prospect for busy city workers with a yearning to escape to the tranquility of nature. The small coastal village of Chintsa, situated just 40 km away from East London, is well placed to accommodate this desire and, according to recent statistics from Lightstone Property, there has been an increase in demand for properties in the village. In 2015, the area recorded its highest number of bond registrations in eight years, up 37.5% from the previous year.

With long stretches of beach, lush natural forests and unspoiled landscapes Chintsa has an unmistakable charm. However, its proximity to the city paired with the recent development of luxury property offerings in the area, such as those at Olivewood Private Estate and Golf Club (East London’s first premium lifestyle estate), has boosted the destination’s appeal for home owners who wish to enjoy city careers along with peaceful country lifestyles.

Lightstone’s data further revealed that recent buyers predominantly fell between the ages of 36 and 64, a demographic typically consisting of established professionals with families of their own. In the case of Chintsa, buyers might include parents who want to bring their children up with access to the outdoors, as well as older professionals wishing to spend their later years enjoying the serenity of country living.

With wide open spaces, a thriving population of wildlife and a close-knit community Chintsa has maintained its small village charm. The surrounding landscape provides a host of opportunities for nature lovers and is a favoured location for fishing, horse riding, kayaking, mountain biking, hiking and, more recently, golf – since the opening of Olivewood Golf Club.

Stretching over more than 1 000 hectares of the Chintsa countryside, Olivewood Private Estate and Golf Club is a beautiful new eco-conscious residential estate that is well situated to benefit from the increased demand for properties in the region. Designed to appeal to nature lovers, the estate was created to minimise its environmental footprint with properties designed to make use of solar energy, rainwater harvesting and water retention capabilities.

Olivewood’s 72 par championship golf course provides another enticing excuse for residents to venture outside. The courses unique design was determined by the natural layout of the land with no earth removed or built up during its construction. The result is a course that flows seamlessly into its surroundings with hole locations determined by undulating valley landscape.

New eco-conscious developments in Chintsa, such as Olivewood, have been created to minimise their impact on the surrounding landscapes. This should ensure that the area maintains its natural charm, and continues to enjoy further growth and increased popularity.