Who's Who in Property

Carl Nortje, the dynamic managing director of Rawson Developers

Carl Nortje, Rawson Developers
From left to right: Edward Makoni, Ebrahim Casker, Carl Nortje, Duncan Johnson.

He has a background in banking, where he held various senior corporate and retail banking positions with two of the major bank groups. He Joined Rawson Developers in 1987, two years after its inception, as both shareholder and director. He brought with him a wealth of financial and investment expertise and contributed to a period of immense growth for the company and its people.

In 2013, Carl was appointed managing director of Rawson Developers, following the retirement of the incumbent.

Carl has a unique skills set. He is well liked by the staff of the company, and is equally at home on the construction site as he is presiding over financial decisions. He has a passion for passing on his knowledge and developing the younger members of the company, watching them grow and mature. Understandably, staff turnover is low under his guidance and developing hand, which means the company has remained rock steady even through the global and national recession.

But most of all, he feels a deep sense of achievement in overseeing the progress of a new project, from acquisition of the site, through the planning stage, to construction and then the final handover. Significantly, Rawson Developers have not severed the umbilical cord connecting them to any of their major developments. They continue to monitor the buildings, assist with re-selling at optimal rates through their recently established resale department and also in letting on behalf of owners. Under his hand, capital growth for owners has been significant, leading to many returning investors.

“It has been proven over the years that property is the best investment. With Cape Town high up the rankings as one of best cities in the world and comparing our prices with the rest of the leading property investment cities on the globe, Cape Town makes both a great and sensible investment”, he says.

Carl Nortje’s insights into property investment:

  • Be an early investor on a new project. Certain clients have seen their investments grow by up to 50% in some cases prior to handover.
  • Rawson’s flagship Claremont development, the Beaumont, as well as The Three Fountains in Kenilworth, have both seen up to 50% growth in value over the period from launch date to handover.
  • At The Paragon in Observatory where construction team started in late 2015, the first phase of buyers have experienced a substantial increase in property value already.
  • All it takes is a 10% deposit placed in our attorney’s trust account and mortgage approval to get ahead of the game with Rawson’s fine new developments.