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Unique green building material gives Belville Mediclinic a modern look

Mediclinic Louis Leipoldt Belville Renovations
The newly-renovated Louis Leipoldt Mediclinic in Belville which used a a unique green product called MagnaBoard.

Leading hospital group Mediclinic recently showed their commitment to incorporate a strong eco-conscious building philosophy by using sustainable natural materials. This was evident when their Bellville Mediclinic Louis Leipoldt, one of the oldest and best known private hospitals in the Western Cape, was given a face lift.

The dated red brick exterior façade was cladded with a unique green product MagnaBoard, These boards are made from Magnesium Oxide, which is a technologically advanced building material that is superior in every category compared to traditional wood, gypsum and cement based products.

The sustainability of the MagnaBoards are that they are recyclable, a proven fire retardant, mould-free and the best insulator during both summer and winter. A further advantage is that they are cost effective as construction time is faster with limited waste and savings on energy.

Dave Lindup MD of Magnaboard concludes: “We are seeing a great increase in the demand for MagnaBoards, as businesses commit to using eco-friendly building materials. Our green MagnaBoards have many characteristics that the Built industry has welcomed.”