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Series of renovations and upgrades planned for De Tijger Business Park

De Tijger Business Park in Parow, Cape Town

Property development management company, Lazercor Developments, have been appointed to undertake the development management of the recently acquired De Tijger Business Park in Parow, Cape Town. The two-storey complex integrates varied office and medical suites as well as a Day Hospital operated by Cure Day Clinics.

Medical developments are just one of the industries that fall under Lazercor’s portfolio and in fact the day hospital on the premises was built and developed by Lazercor, which opened in November 2015. The park has been sub-divided into three urban spaces, one of which will be an additional medical facility with a Sub-Acute Hospital, scheduled to be built early next year. The existing day hospital will also be retained with a lease agreement in place. The rest of the buildings in the park will be sectionalised and offered either to rent or for sale.

“Currently we’ve met with the existing tenants to give them first preference to purchase the suites they are presently renting and so far, we’ve received a very positive response,” explains Mark Teuchert, Managing Director of Lazercor Developments. “The strategy is to sell all the units however, before we can do that the park requires quite a lot of TLC and improvements.”

With a series of renovations and upgrades planned for De Tijger, the refurbishments will integrate a stylish and modernised appearance of the suites for a more positive and convenient working environment. Security of the complex will be improved and a new guardhouse with a canopy will be built at the entrance to the park. A new electric fence will be installed along the internal perimeter of the park, making it completely secure. Pedestrian gates will be strategically placed along the fence in order that the recreational area at the center of the park can be accessed. The entrance of the park and each building entrance will be fitted with biometric access which will control and monitor who enters and exits each building. Taking it a step further, footage from all the security camera’s will be available to all the tenants and owners, so that security can be monitored internally.

Furthermore, the landscape of the property will undergo a complete makeover evaluating the hard and soft landscaping of the park to transform the gardens and open areas. Benches and tables will be placed for those wanting to take lunch or relax, as well as an area dedicated to braai’s and functions. The civil engineer has been tasked to upgrade the existing road and pathways and additional parking bays will be added to ensure there are 4.5 parking bays per 100m² and each one will be numbered accordingly. Road marking and signage will be upgraded to ensure ease of navigation. The existing buildings will be provided with a fresh new coat of paint, without taking away from the contemporary nature of the buildings. Existing signage will be upgraded as well as the introduction of advertising signage, consisting of signage pylons and a prominent De Tijger name board on the corner of Hannes Louw Drive and McIntyre Street.

An optic fibre cable has already been installed in the park and all security and technology will be provided over fibre. Each suite will be provided with sufficient technology to ensure that all the users can connect to the optic fibre network in order to obtain internet and VOIP telephone connectivity. The existing guardhouse will be converted into a technology server room with a fire suppression, aircon and environmental controls to ensure the long-term sustainability of the server room.

The park is an ideal location for medical practitioners as it’s central to eight hospitals in the Northern Suburbs. These hospitals include Panorama Medi Clinic, Karl Bremmer Hospital, Advanced Health Day Hospital in Panorama, N1 Netcare, Louis Leipoldt Medi Clinic, Tygerberg Hospital, Cure Day Clinics Belville (in De Tijger Business Park) and Melomed Private Hospital.

“Day hospitals are becoming increasingly popular in South Africa and because Medical Aids are under pressure to keep their premiums down, the day hospital model is encouraged by medical aids as it’s sustainable and brings costs down significantly,” says Teuchert. “Cure Day Clinics Bellville, on our doorstep, allows practitioners in the business park to make use of their facilities, as well as of the new sub-acute hospital still to be built.”

The office sizes available to purchase range from 100²m to 425m². To ensure the office space or medical suite is functional for the owner’s needs, a tenant allowance will be afforded each new owner allowing them therefore, to design the interior of their space upon purchase.