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PGP wins global award at International Property Awards

Dr. Andrew Golding, Chief Executive Pam Golding Group
Dr. Andrew Golding, Chief Executive of Pam Golding Group

In recognising the excellence of their innovative ‘I am Pam’ marketing campaign Pam Golding Properties has brought home the global award for Best International Real Estate Agency Marketing at the International Property Awards (IPA) 2016-2017 Grand Final held in London this week (12 December 2016).

The awards celebrate the highest level of achievements by companies from around the globe operating in all sectors of the property and real estate industry. In winning the award as the World’s Best in this category, the group competed as the international nominee for Africa against top winners from around the planet.

This prestigious win comes hot on the heels of scooping several other major IPA awards earlier this year for Best Real Estate Agency in Africa and in South Africa, as well as Best Real Estate Agency Marketing and Best Real Estate Agency Website in South Africa.

Says Dr Andrew Golding, CE of the Pam Golding Property Group: “We are extremely proud and honoured to have been recognised in this way and it reaffirms the fact that, as a proudly South African company, we provide a world-class standard of differentiated residential property service through innovative marketing and client service. The ‘I am Pam’ campaign has not only touched the hearts of many South Africans, it has also been awarded for its honest reflection of our business. It brings to the fore those who are committed to upholding the very same values of professionalism and integrity as Pam herself.”

Says Anthony Stroebel, Head of Strategy and Innovation for the Pam Golding Property Group: “After four decades of successfully matching home buyers and sellers it was apt that our brand promise was directly voiced by our agents as a celebration of their adoption of these values and their ability to fuse these with the full expertise of the group’s experience and knowledge behind them.”

Commenting on the success of the campaign, which has been executed in an integrated approach across all platforms including TV, website, mobile, billboards, print, social media and direct customer relationship marketing, the Pam Golding Property Group’s Head of Marketing, Mimi Nicklin, says the campaign resonates among consumers both nationally and internationally.

“The campaign adopted a simple yet unique approach by using our people to honestly and credibly tell their own stories against the backdrop of a solid professional legacy of over 40 years of success. The work stands out because it is authentic, honest and personal. We didn’t ‘direct’ the TV ad in the traditional sense, instead the shooting style is a true reflection of our people and their voices, making this award worthy in our industry.

“In today’s global consumer communication landscape, authenticity is a characteristic that is both demanded and needed. It is the brands that are telling their own authentic and original stories that are the ones that consumers are committing to and becoming fans of. Whether buyers and sellers are based in Africa or beyond, there is a human connection in this campaign that strikes a chord beyond the functional transaction of purchasing or selling a house.

“More and more, we are seeing a move towards more emotionally compelling and engaging stories that are driving the industry forward. Buyers and sellers want more than a property photograph in the advertising they are exposed to. We live in a creative era where ideas sell, and the property industry is fast changing to keep up with the need to capitalise on an emotionally-connecting approach to communications.”

Nicklin says importantly, the concept enabled agents nationwide to make the campaign their own and in so doing create their own brands in their own locales. “This amplification and personalisation meant a national campaign could truly become local in a way we haven’t seen before. The response has been emphatic. Across the country consumers are greeting our team members with the question ‘Are you Pam?’ and in social settings clients gleefully proclaim ‘I am Pam!’ The consumer uptake of this is the true measure that the campaign is connecting with South Africans all over the country.”

Nicklin says all top communication campaigns seek to create social currency and the ‘I am Pam’ campaign has done just that, with results beyond expectation. “Since the campaign launched we’ve seen awareness increase in local areas and the brand is now on the lips and minds of South Africans nationally. The work has led to a great internal morale boost as well as buy-in from our agents, superseding our initial goals.”