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Mara Delta uses dual currency trading facility on the SEM


The Board of Directors of Mara Delta is pleased to announce that Mara Delta will be the first company to use the dual currency trading facility on the Stock Exchange Mauritius Ltd. As from Monday, 12 December 2016, Mara Delta’s shares will be traded in its primary currency, USD, as well as in Mauritian Rupee.

The ability to trade the shares in MUR will provide a broader base of investors by allowing the general public in Mauritius to trade in Mara Delta shares without the requirement to hold USD facilities. This initiative together with the increased number of shares in issue on the SEM will allow for increased liquidity of the shares on the SEM.

Mara Delta shares will initially be quoted at the USD trading price converted to MUR at the prevailing USD:MUR exchange rates on the 12 of December 2016, after which the market trading will determine the ruling price. In the event that no shares trade in MUR for a period of twenty (20) business days, the MUR quoted price will revert to the USD trading price converted at the ruling MUR:USD exchange rate.

It is anticipated that a minimum of 100,000 shares will be available for trade in MUR on the first day of trading.

The shares will be traded in MUR with the following SEM Code: DEL.C0000. Dealings in the shares of the Company can be made through one of the Investment Dealers listed on the following link:

Mara Delta has primary listings on both the Official Market of the SEM and the Main Board of the JSE Limited.