SENS: Pivotal: results of scheme meeting

Jackie van Niekerk
Jackie van Niekerk, Chief Executive of The Pivotal Fund Limited.

Shareholders are referred to the announcements released on SENS on 31 October 2016, relating to the posting of circular announcement and notice of scheme meeting, and 22 November 2016, relating to the update to the fulfillment of conditions precedent to the scheme of arrangement, and are advised that all of the resolutions tabled at the scheme meeting held on Tuesday, 29 November 2016 were passed by the requisite majority of Pivotal shareholders.

The CEO of Pivotal, Jackie van Niekerk, commented: “We are grateful for the support received from our shareholders. Upon the successful conclusion of this transaction, Pivotal shareholders will convert to a REIT structure and receive Redefine Properties Limited and Echo Polska Properties N.V. shares. Once implemented, Pivotal shareholders will benefit from bi-annual income distributions, exposure to hard currency earnings, enhanced liquidity as well as continued exposure to Pivotal’s existing portfolio of A-grade properties.”

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