Sasol Place construction successfully facilitated by Betapoint

Sasol Place, Sandton
A sunset view of Sasol Place situated on 50 Katherine Street in Sandton, JHB. (Photo credit: InfrastructurePhotos).

Betapoint has successfully facilitated the construction of Sasol’s 67,000 square meter global headquarters development, Sasol Place, located at 50 Katherine Street, Sandton. The building is co-owned by The Sasol Pension Fund and The Elixir Trust.

As Sasol’s strategic real estate advisory and implementation partner, Betapoint deployed a world-class, multi-disciplinary team to advise on all aspects of this high profile initiative. Betapoint led the development of the optimization strategy, managed the transaction and acted as the project manager and Sasol’s tenant representative.

This included providing services from tenant oversight of the architecture, space planning and interior design through to the facilities management service model design and procurement of the service providers. Betapoint recently passed a significant milestone with the commencement of the relocation of 2,500 employees from 11 commercial properties spread across Johannesburg, into Sasol Place.

Adam Sargent, CEO of Betapoint, says: “It is through the efforts and dedication of our team and our close partnership with Sasol that we could deliver a global headquarters that significantly optimises real estate costs, enhances Sasol’s brand and drives a high performance culture. In addition, the project was delivered under budget, on schedule and to the highest quality standards in the industry.”

Sasol Place comprises 7 parking levels, a ground floor and 10 office floors, and its features include a restaurant with a modern and diverse offering, a coffee shop, a wellness centre, a convenience store, a fitness centre and a dedicated gallery and sculpture garden that will showcase Sasol’s continued support of local contemporary artists through its diverse collection.

“Sasol Place exemplifies our vision to create an inspiring 21st century workplace. Over and above the cost-optimisation benefits, our new global headquarters embeds our operating model, enhances our employee value proposition and realises our ‘One Sasol, one bottom line’ mindset,” says Fay Hoosain, Senior Vice President, Strategic Projects at Sasol.

Sasol Place has recently been awarded a 5-Star Green Star design category rating by the Green Building Council of South Africa. This rating further affirms Sasol’s desire to reinforce its drive towards implementing best practices around environmental sustainability and employee well-being and embodies Sasol’s values as an innovative, sustainable and global chemicals and energy company.

The building design addresses environmental matters such as water recycling and energy efficiency by means of using the latest technologies. For example, intelligent building management systems automatically regulate the use of LED lighting, air conditioning, automated blinds, water usage, escalators and elevators.

A range of natural habitats has been created, with individual indigenous biomes attracting small wildlife, insects and birds, on the external decks, within the grounds, as well as on the rooftop of the building.

Betapoint played an instrumental role in ensuring a spirit of partnership was fostered between the co-owners, Sasol and the other professional teams and sub-contractors. A collaborative and disciplined approach was essential in ensuring a multinational team, based across Africa, Europe, the Middle East, North America and Asia, delivered on Sasol’s vision.

“We are proud that, together with our partners, we have created an iconic landmark with approximately 90% of the overall budget channeled back into the South African economy – a significant achievement on such a complex project” says Hoosain.

Betapoint continues to develop a high calibre and diverse team of professionals with a growing international client base. “As an independent professional services firm, with a specialisation in real estate, facilities management and project management, we are passionate about unlocking bottom line business value for our clients” says Sargent.