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Nimbati Estate welcomed to the Brentwood Park neighbourhood

Nimbati Estate
An artist’s impression of a typical home in Nimbati Estate, Brentwood Park, where building packages for 30 full title units are now available through IHPC.

Owner-developers, Jill and Jacques Myburgh, have just released a 30 unit full title development in Brentwood Park on a 20,000m2 estate surrounding their own residence. The development is to be called Nimbati Estate and plots and building packages are being marketed by IHPC estate agents.

Buyers of plots here can choose from four different building packages with homes to suit their plot’s size and orientation. “The added bonus here”, says Nelio Mendes, marketing manager for IHPC is that Myburgh, “residing on the site, will be available to assist with on-site queries. Another plus is the fact that the developer lives in this estate, which should boost buyers’ confidence in the area and the development”.

The home layouts include single or double storey houses ranging in size from 144m2 to 201m2, and the plots range from 344m2 to 461m2 in size.

Plot prices range from R475,520 to R598,500 and building packages range from R1,242,875 to R1,468,689.

The estate plan allows for homes to cover only 60% of the plot area, which will give owners each a small garden allowance, and this should suit families very well, said Mendes.

There are architectural guidelines in place and each home will have to adhere to these. Homes should have charcoal tiled roofs with beige/earthy toned plastered facades, and aluminium windows (either white or charcoal).

Attention has been paid to ensuring that the security of the estate is high, with a 2,5m boundary wall being built, a cell phone intercom system and a biometric access system will be installed at the entrance. A free alarm system will be installed in each home, and there is provision for 24 hour monitoring of alarms. Burglar proofing on all accessible windows is provided and security gates on all doors except pivot doors.

Top finishes and fittings will be featured throughout. Extras in all the homes include: wi-fi access, heat pumps in all the units, automatic motors in the home’s garages, gas stoves with electric ovens and a discount has been negotiated at a local curtain supplier for new home owners.

“Another unique factor is that this is one the few full title developments left in the area and with many now preferring this type of living over sectional title homes this development should sell well (and quickly)”.

“The upmarket look and feel that Myburgh has chosen for the scheme and their personal vested interest in the property will ensure that values only increase in time. This estate will most certainly be a good investment for a young couple or young family wanting a pleasant, secure environment in which to live”, said Mendes