Growthpoint commended for commitment to transformation in SA

Mzolisi Diliza, Growthpoint
Mzolisi Diliza, Chairman of Growthpoint’s social, ethics and transformation board committee.

The South African Institute of Black Property Practitioners (SAIBPP) has honored Growthpoint Properties for demonstrating outstanding commitment to the transformation in the property sector.

This is the first time that SAIBPP’s Annual Awards have acknowledged property sector companies that, through their programmes and procurement policies, display an over-and-above commitment to transforming the property sector.

The award was presented to Growthpoint at the SAIBPP Awards 2016 dinner during its annual convention in Sandton this month.

SAIBPP Chief Executive Officer, Vuyiswa Mutshekwane, says: “Growthpoint has demonstrated its intention and its commitment to transforming the property sector and has gone above and beyond what is required of it.”

Chairman of Growthpoint’s social, ethics and transformation board committee, Mzolisi Diliza is also Growthpoint’s largest individual shareholder with 38.6m shares. Diliza says: “Growthpoint’s commitment to transformation is driven by real intent. It has worked hard to make good progress on its transformation journey, so receiving this significant award from SAIBPP is very meaningful indeed.”

Diliza describes Growthpoint as an active proponent of transformation, internally and across its industry.

“Growthpoint has earned a track record of driving meaningful change, starting with concluding the first and largest BEE deals in the industry in 2005 that have since earned billions of Rands for black investors,” says Diliza.

Besides institutional shareholders, today more of Growthpoint’s shares are in the hands of black investors than any other group. In addition, over half of its employees are black.

Growthpoint has invested continuous executive representation on the Board of the Property Sector Charter Council and its executives represented the Property Loan Stock Association, now the SA REIT Association, as a signatory to the Property Sector Charter.

Its ongoing initiatives to boost broader industry participation by BEE players include Growthpoint’s high-impact procurement, enterprise and supplier development programmes.

Mutshekwane reports that SAIBPP recognized Growthpoint for its outstanding commitment to transformation for several reasons, including its widely-recognized Property Point enterprise and supplier development initiative.

“But, there are many other examples of its transformative actions, such as Growthpoint giving black acquirers preference in its recent office property disposal programme,” she points out.

Shawn Theunissen, Head of CSR and Transformation at Growthpoint, says: “We believe it is non-negotiable to be diverse, inclusive and transformed. Growthpoint has achieved significant milestones along our transformation journey that clearly demonstrate our commitment. We will continue to drive transformation by investing in people and skills that grow our business, sector and South Africa.”