CCID launches specialized property portal

A snapshot of CCID's Property Portal website.

If you’re listing or looking for property in a specific area, then a property portal specializing in that area is just what you need, and the Cape Town Central City Improvement District (CCID) has just launched precisely such a tool for property in the Cape Town CBD.

A first for a South African city improvement district (CID), and quite possibly unique for any CID across the globe, the CCID’s property portal will enable buyers to search specifically for whatever they seek – from commercial, retail, residential or light industrial property to those for sale, for rent or on auction.

Released to the property industry this week, the site has already received positive feedback from a number of agencies, with praise for both the website itself as well as for the CCID having taken the initiative to support the industry in the CBD.

Paul Aitken, a broker with Swindon Properties, says: “The CCID does phenomenal work and this only assists us in doing more business as a clean, functional, safe inner city boosts investor confidence.”

Property consultant Melissa Bee of Just Property feels the portal is: “A very exciting opportunity and addition to our marketing platforms.”

CCID chairperson Rob Kane explains: “When the CCID’s website was redesigned last year with a ‘Central City first’ theme, it provided the perfect opportunity for ours to become the first downtown in South Africa to offer this free service to both brokers and property seekers”.

“The CCID constantly looks to innovate, and providing this one-stop portal for all types of properties in the CBD is another way in which we can offer a tangible service that our stakeholders will be able to use on a regular basis.”

All listings will be free of charge, says CCID CEO Tasso Evangelinos. “This is a value-add service that the CCID is bringing to its property partners and, in turn, all those who have an interest in finding property in our area. The only prerequisite to the free listing is that the property absolutely must fall within the CCID’s footprint”.

“As with other property websites, visitors will be able to search either within a category or price range, or – in terms of residential property – by number of bedrooms and bathrooms.”

Each listing can display:

· An eye-catching one-liner, followed by up to 100 words to describe the property;
· An image to introduce the property plus the advertising company’s logo;
· Information on the type of property, price and whether the price is per unit or per m²;
· A “more information” button enabling the viewer to click through to the property on the listing agency’s website and, therefore, drive traffic to those sites;
· An optional indication on the overall property map to show the location of the property within the CBD.

Access the new listings portal via the CCID website via this link: