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Trillian Capital Partners settles into new head quarters at Melrose Arch

Tal Hassall, Brand Manager for Trillian Capital Partners
Tal Hassall, Brand Manager for Trillian Capital Partners.

Securing new headquarters at South Africa’s most sought after business address, Trillian Capital Partners has moved its head office to Melrose Arch, crafting a fresh and highly collaborative work space that supports its business.

Adding to the long list of corporate heavyweights already enjoying the premium facilities offered by Melrose Arch, the country’s most iconic urban development, black-owned and managed Trillian Capital Partners and its exceptional people will benefit from the many advantages of this leading mixed-use, New Urban, precinct.

Renee Feeney, head of leasing at Melrose Arch who concluded the deal with Trillian Capital Partners, says: “Trillian Capital Partners strive to find tailored solutions for their clients, and we believe that we have provided them with the same, offering them a space that not only complements their brand and the company’s strong values, but also a place where their business can flourish.”

Feeney adds: “As a significant private sector financial services provider, Trillian Capital Partners’ decision to move its operations to Melrose Arch will no doubt see them reap a multitude of rewards. Melrose Arch not only offers convenience and security, but also an extensive list of premium facilities for employees and clients.”

Trillian Capital Partners, challenging convention with its market-leading practices, drives socio-economic development through its five functional business units: financial advisory and specialised finance, management consulting, asset management, securities and property.

Tal Hassall, Brand Manager for Trillian Capital Partners, comments: “Trillian Capital Partners is proud to conduct its business from Melrose Arch. Integrating centrality, accessibility and security seamlessly; the precinct creates a welcoming yet safe environment for all those who visit it. A premier mixed-use development, Melrose Arch is accessible to both private and public transport commuters. A rich variety of hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, entertainment venues and retail spaces surround us. This affords both ourselves and our visitors all the creature comforts necessary to find that happy work-life balance.”

Hassall adds: “With our new headquarters in Melrose Arch, we are able to create a safe and welcoming environment where our people can express themselves as individuals, as a team and as a community. These new offices also allow us to develop a sophisticated work space that blends innovative technology with a strong people focus, ultimately simplifying the way we do business.”

Trillian Capital Partners’ headquarters incorporate innovative spatial design, cutting-edge technologies and versatile collaborative spaces, all contributing to an impressive yet practical corporate office suite.

The well-appointed 2,400sqm area also boasts a state-of-the-art business centre and comprises a range of facilities and meeting rooms, providing their clients and partners with an unrivalled customer experience.

Hassall reports: “We now have a fresh and exciting atmosphere that is light, lively and collaborative, enabling us to work closely with one another, our partners and our clients, as well as a head office that makes a bold and unique statement about who we are and what we stand for as a brand.”

The environment an important factor in Trillian Capital Partners’ final decision, Hassall believes that Melrose Arch, an ambassador for environmentally sustainable business practices, has become an increasingly-important transport node, one he says will continue to connect people in an eco-friendly way.

Mike Vermaak, Melrose Arch precinct manager, says: “We are pleased to welcome Trillian Capital Partners and support its enabling business in an environment that is synonymous with innovation and diversity.”

Melrose Arch is respected as one of the most prestigious business addresses in South Africa. Secure, pristine and pedestrian friendly, Melrose Arch is considered an ideal location by many top national and multinational concerns and leading blue-chip companies because of the ease, safety and enjoyment it offers for business at the highest levels.

It is part of the pioneering portfolio of the Amdec Group, a privately-owned property development and investment business. With 26 years of experience in the property industry, Amdec is recognised as South Africa’s leading developer of New Urban lifestyles.