Who's Who in Property

MSP launches its new brand identity and is set to roll-out franchise options in sales and rentals

Multi-Spectrum Property (MSP) Group was launched by CEO Riaan Roos in 2002 after 10 years in construction and property development. He describes this as “The best move I ever made,” and since then MSP garnered an enviable reputation as a prolific and visionary developer, winning the Govan Mbeki Housing Award, Home Builder of the Year Award and the SAPI award for the most innovatively designed lifestyle estate. The latter award was for the 87-hectare Buh-Rein Estate, which is the brainchild of Roos.

He says: “Since 2002 we have provided homes to thousands of families, who today enjoy great lifestyle benefits and a sense of belonging. Now MSP is on the brink of a winning move which will expand and enhance the brand both literally and figuratively.”

The new corporate identity and logo for MSP and its new focus were revealed at an event held in Paarl on 4 August for industry leaders and stakeholders. For the brand’s shift, Roos enlisted the services of The Cradle Pipeline, a dynamic new collaborative specialising in marketing, advertising, branding, PR and events. Heading up The Cradle Pipeline is Reghard Goussard, who created MSP’s original logo nearly 15 years ago. Says Goussard: “We were excited to take on such a unique and dynamic brand. The new brand identity represents a clear evolution and modernisation of the MSP identity, while still retaining their core values.”

The clean new logo was created by branding and communications agency Utopia, based in Cape Town. The logo has been simplified and modernised, and represents the MSP brand’s purpose and their clients’ desire in life for continuing, positive progression, encapsulated in the new brand mantra ‘Move’.

David Britz, Operational Director of MSP explains the company’s new direction: “While MSP was better known as MSP Developments, we are reverting to just MSP, which now encompasses Multi-Spectrum Property solutions. We now stand on more than one pillar. While we will still construct developments, MSP is diversifying its development offerings from traditional affordable housing, security estate living and sectional title apartments to include retirement estates and other residential as well as commercial offerings like retail spaces and offices. We are also venturing into residential rentals as well as offering letting/rental management services to individuals and companies. Our plan is to broaden our footprint over the next 12 to 24 months. We will do this by rolling MSP out as a franchise, identifying franchisees to join us. We will start in the Western Cape and then expand nationally.”

Adds Roos: “We will make innovative use of technology to make the whole process of buying a house and getting the right advice on property easier for everyone, from buyers of affordable housing up to homes of R3-4 million, and to provide quality and accessible lifestyle investment opportunities and solutions in property”.

“MSP has a sterling track record, and my dream to help create a better foundation for people through property is evident in what we have achieved up till now. People do not know who to trust or who to believe when it comes to buying property. I want to share through MSP that making a new beginning in property does not have to be a daunting process. When it comes to big life decisions, whether wanting to find a better home or investment for your budget, or wanting to find a better way of maximizing your home or investment – we have multi-spectrum solutions at hand.”