Growthpoint Gems helps young talent shine through educational grants

Quality education has a key role to play in South Africa’s future prosperity. Now, a new initiative by Growthpoint Properties aims to ensure smart youngsters reach their full potential and are well equipped for a better, brighter future.

Developed as part of Growthpoint Properties’ corporate social investment programme, Growthpoint Gems creates value for lower-earning employees and their immediate families by providing educational grants to their children at primary, secondary or tertiary level.

The carefully developed programme which was launched this month will provide Growthpoint staff’s families with the support they need for their children to thrive with a great education, creating tomorrow’s leaders and opening doors that may otherwise have remained closed.

Norbert Sasse, CEO of Growthpoint Properties, says: “At Growthpoint, we believe corporate social investment starts at home, in the communities where our staff live and where our business has an impact. By ensuring bursaries are made available for their children, we can add value to the lives of our employees with Growthpoint Gems. It recognises the importance of a good education, yet also considers the challenges many families face because of the escalating costs of schooling and tertiary education in South Africa.”

Shawn Theunissen, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility for Growthpoint explains that, through the programme, primary and secondary school education bursaries will be awarded to learners from Grade 4 and up. The bursaries will cover costs related to prescribed school fees, uniforms, stationery and other learning materials. In addition, life skills, vocational guidance and general support will be provided where necessary to help learners on their path to success.

While one objective of the Growthpoint Gems initiative is to care for people by helping families realise their dreams for their children, another aim is to make a meaningful impact by nurturing education and enabling young people to contribute to economic growth for a more prosperous South Africa.

Growthpoint Gems’ tertiary education bursaries will be awarded to students who are currently in grade 12, those that have completed their secondary schooling and those already at tertiary institutions studying towards an undergraduate degree or National Diploma.

Importantly, tertiary bursaries are not limited to courses within the property management and construction management disciplines, allowing youngsters to follow their own dreams.

However, opportunities for students to undertake internships and practical training within Growthpoint Properties will be considered.

“We hope to help learners and students in the Growthpoint family to reach their potential and secure a better future for themselves and their families,” says Theunissen. “We believe the future of South Africa’s youth lies not only in their hands but in ours as well. This is a responsibility we take very seriously”.

“Equipping future generations with the skills they need to succeed in today’s competitive work environment is not only a win for them, but a win for all of us,” he concludes.