Property professionals to commemorate Mandela Day

To commemorate the Nelson Mandela International Day on 18 July, South African property professionals and other companies will spend +67 minutes with children at Compass Day Care Centre in Edenvale, Gauteng.

The Gauteng Chapter of the Women’s Property Network (WPN) in partnership with the Green Building Council South Africa (GBCSA) together with Broll Property Group and other companies will spend time and also make donations to the children under the care of Compass Day Care Centre.

“We would like to thank WPN, GBCSA and Compass Day Care Centre for giving us the opportunity to give of our time and contribute to make a difference in the lives of children. We believe that giving back to the community is one of the most humane things to do and at Broll, we are not only passionate about buildings, but about the people who live, work and play in those buildings in the communities in which we operate in,” says Denise Mhlanga, Broll Property Group, Communications Officer.

Apart from the time that some staff members will spend on the day, Broll Property Group donated a jungle gym for the day care centre as well as other non-perishables.

Nthwese Development gave the school office furniture and other party related items, Starke Ayres donated seeds to enable the school to grow their own vegetables, Moemas Patisserie and Food Shop will provide cakes for the children while lunch for the day has been sponsored as well, ensuring while these companies make a difference, children also have fun.

Compass (Community Provision and Social Services) is a nationally recognised and registered organisation through the South African government and provides a safe and secure environment complete with food, clothing and housing.

Annatjie Hammon, Senior Executive Consultant at Compass Day Care Centre explains that they have 93 children on a daily basis in their care. Some of these children and their mothers live in the Compass Centres while the rest of the children are from the disadvantaged communities around the area.

“We are grateful to all the sponsors for taking the initiative and choosing to spend valuable time with our children and for the much needed donations we have received,” says Hammon.

She says the jungle gym will enrich the children’s play time and make them feel more cared for while the vegetable garden will provide fresh vegetables enabling the centre to prepare wholesome meals for the children.

The water saving shower heads will also help Compass curtail monthly water expenses, pointing out that everyone who has contributed to the Mandela Day initiative at the school has helped to create a warm and safe place for the children, Hammon says.

Lee-Anne Bac, WPN Gauteng Chair says: “We believe there is a greater reach with the assistance of our members and whether it be a small financial donation or in the case of Broll, the purchase of a jungle gym, it all goes a long way to assist others in need.”

On the day, volunteers will be split into three groups and will spend time with the toddlers, reading to the older children and preparing hot dogs and other delicacies for lunch, explains Bac.

Sponsors will hand over contributions to a representative of Compass together will some of the donations already received on the day.

“We are grateful to all the volunteers, participating members/companies because without them, WPN and GBCSA could not action such an initiative,” says Bac.

CEO of GBCSA, Brian Wilkinson, says to the GBCSA, sustainability is more than ‘doing well by doing good’ for the environment. “We believe that we need to do good in the communities in which we operate and we are very proud to be in a position to support and give back to the vulnerable and underprivileged at Compass. We sincerely thank all of our partners in this happy day we’ve created for these precious children.”

The event takes place on Monday 18 July 2016 from 9-11am at the Compass Day Care Centre, 55 Voortrekker Street Edenvale. Parking is available at the Van Riebeeck Mall (opposite the school).