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Managing a better landlord-tenant relationship

Leasing office space should be a hassle-free experience, and a great relationship between tenant and landlord will go a long way to enabling this. Regular communication and being proactive can help keep both parties happy.

“Unlike in the residential-property market, finding new tenants for office space can be a difficult and expensive exercise,” explains Wayne Windell, CEO of Cube Workspace, a company that provides tailored, fully-serviced office space in Joburg and Cape Town. “For that reason, it’s essential to maintain a good relationship in order to keep existing clients.”

A reliable landlord is a good starting point – look for a property owner that has a solid history of stability and a good reputation. “With many years of experience, I’ve been able to produce a high tenant-retention rate,” says Ryan Joffe, CEO of Ryan Joffe Properties, which manages several commercial properties in Cape Town. “This gives piece of mind to potential clients when considering leasing with us.”

Understanding all the conditions of the lease is vital for both landlord and tenant. Be upfront and open from the beginning about anything you don’t like in the lease to avoid future unpleasantness. “Comprehension of your lease is essential to prevent any nasty surprises down the line, which can be a costly exercise for all parties concerned,” says Windell.

Going the extra mile for your tenants will help in retaining them on a long-term basis and create a fruitful relationship. “Anticipate your tenants’ needs and be pre-emptive by keeping the lines of communication open,” says Windell. Ascot Wealth Management, a tenant at Cube Workspace in Rondebosch, finds having an onsite office manager extremely beneficial. “Knowing that I can just walk down the hallway and get immediate assistance is fantastic,” says wealth manager Nicola Glass.

Cube Workspace tailors its workspace offerings for all budgets and businesses, and will gladly accommodate their growing needs. Cube Workspace also ensures that by having their tenants’ interests at heart, they will have a lasting and solid relationship.