Interview Who's Who in Property

Q&A with SAPOA’s newly-elected president

Neil Gopal (CEO of SAPOA), Michael Deighton (Managing Director of Tongaat Hulett), and Nomzamo Radebe (President of SAPOA) at the SAPOA Convention 2016

Property Wheel interviewed Nomzamo Radebe, CEO of JHI Properties and newly-elected President of South African Property Owners Association at SAPOA’s 50th Annual Convention which took place in Sandton on 21-23 June 2016

Q1) What was it about the real estate industry that made the property bug bite?

A1) Economic impact the property asset class has on te greater economy – We Eat, Sleep and Work in buildings

Q2) You are a busy lady, as CEO of JHI and now also newly elected president of SAPOA. Do you manage a work-life balance?

A2) I try. It is important to make it a priority and not sacrifice my family

Q3) What is SAPOA’s main mission? 

A3) SAPOA’s main mission is to be the authoritative voice for the commercial property industry

Q4) The property industry is well-known for slow pace of transformation. Do you feel we’re now moving in right direction?

A4) There is still a lot of work required, but there is a growing commitment now, and things are moving in the right direction

Q5) SAPOA is putting great emphasis on Education. What is the motivation behind this area of focus? 

A5) Education changes people’s lives and it is critical for dealing with skills shortages

Q6) What is main purpose of the “Meet the Mayor” dinners? 

A6) Strengthen relationships between property owners and local government. “Property owners build cities”

Q7) Do you feel that international affiliations are important for an industry body such as SAPOA?

A7) Absolutely. SAPOA’s members / property owners aren’t only invested in South Africa, but internationally as well