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Primedia Unlimited adds the popular Pop Up retailing platform to its menu

The entrance to Huawei’s retail shop in the Zone @ Rosebank.

Primedia Unlimited’s Mall Division has added Pop Up Shops to their retail arsenal. This is a growing trend around the globe, where temporary retail spaces such as these provide brands with all the advantages of high traffic found in malls, with less risk and cost.

“Pop-up retail or ‘flash retailing’ as it’s known in Europe, has many different benefits both for brands and for retail landlords,”explains says Deshendri Smit, Primedia Unlimited’s Mall Division Executive Head of Sales. “Essentially, it’s a trend of opening short-term experiential and awareness spaces in predominantly vacant retail spaces.”

“For advertisers, Pop Up shops give brands the opportunity to engage more personally and build stronger relationships with shoppers, by generating amplified brand awareness in key retail environments.”

“Pop-up stores are also 60-80% cheaper than a traditional retail outlet and a great way for brands to test a retail market before opening a permanent outlet with costly shop fittings and monthly rentals,” she explains.

Between Prime Courts, Mall Active and the Primedia Lifestyle Group, the teams at Primedia Unlimited’s Mall Division have already had a hand in executing and marketing several successful Pop Ups. “The Magnum Pop Up shop in the Zone @ Rosebank is a fantastic example of building high consumer interest over a short amount of time. We’ve also had great success for Oreo, Huawei and Hyundai to name a few,” says Deshendri.

As a relatively new retail platform, Pop Ups exist anywhere from one day to on average three months, and allows a company to create a unique environment that engages with their shoppers and generates a feeling of relevance and interactivity.

“Pop Up requirements are negotiated on a tenant by tenant basis, normally starting with a shell that the brand can convert into its own requirements. They really are a fantastic means for brands to sell existing products, launch new products, test an idea or location or even just to increase its ‘cool’ factor,” she says.

“Research has also shown us that 4 in 10 consumers make unintended purchases in the mall and it’s all about making an impact at the point of purchase. Either way, in a trying economy, Pop Ups are a fantastic marketing platform growing in popularity and demand and we’re excited to be able to deliver more opportunities for brands to stand out and be counted among consumers.”