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How to find an investment property location – quickly!

Although you may want to use an estate agent to help you find your home or investment property quickly, it is always a good idea to first start searching on your own, especially if you want to identify the area, type and price of the property within your investment range.

Paul Stevens, CEO of Just Property says, “We have a bond calculator on the website where you can calculate the repayment term based on your income before you start searching online.”

Your purpose of investment and investment range will also be determined by whether you want a property management company to look after the property for you, or if you want to manage it yourself.

Other things to consider when looking for your ideal home is quality of neighbourhood, access to shops, proximity to good schools, low crime area and access to other amenities like parks, gyms and public transport hubs. Investors tend to look at things like levies, rates and taxes, future development opportunities, numbers of listings in the area, property vacancies and good rental averages.

Technology makes the property world go around. Stevens goes on to say, “If you’re searching for a particular property, street name, a business or other landmark online all you need is a proper locator identified by the mapping pin.” You can click on the mapping pin marker and hit the “search nearby” link to find where to locate a property you want to view, find a place to have a coffee, where to fill up with petrol, locate a bank, or whatever else you need. Right click anywhere on Google maps, click ‘What’s nearby’ and Google will create a pin based on a rough street address estimate, or with precise GPS coordinates.

According to Paul Stevens, “It is with this kind of new technology thinking that we want to position our new brand. The mapping pin is an icon in the property location game and we want Just Property to be synonymous with that kind of thinking. Find a property and think of us.”