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Spire Property Group launches new stand-alone property broking division

A new stand-alone property broking division has been launched by the Spire Property Group.

Spire Property Broking (SPB) officially began operating on the 18th of January and is being overseen by Brad Rosmarin who has been appointed as the Managing Director.

Gregg Huntingford, the CEO of Spire Property Management, explains that the Group decided to launch a specialist broking division as they felt it expanded the service offerings of the Group and allows Spire to provide an independent specialist service to property investors and tenants.

“Spire is growing as we want to be able to provide a full basket of services to all our clients. The Spire Property Broking division allows us to offer unique and customised deals that are structured from cradle to grave where we can work collaboratively with all parties from the outset.”

Huntingford goes on to say that by becoming involved in rental deals early enough Spire can include the services of the Sustainability Division, thereby assisting with possible rental reductions and cost savings.

Rosmarin, who has a history with Spire having worked for the organisation several years ago, says that he is very excited about his new role heading up Spire Property Brokers and looks forward to growing this new division in collaboration with the team from Spire Property Management.

“I am very pleased to be back within the Spire Group and anticipate a busy and successful year ahead as we roll out our broking services. There is a need in the industry for a property broking company that looks at each client and contract from a holistic perspective. I am confident that the collaboration between the divisions of the Spire Property Group – these being Spire Property Management, Intersect, Spire’s Sustainability Division and Spire Property Broking will offer great benefits to our clients,” concludes Rosmarin.