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Pretoria North property market remains stable

The state of the market in Pretoria North remains stable and stock is available particularly in the stand-alone sector. The cost of an average three-bedroom family home starts at R1.5m while a townhouse with similar accommodation is around R850 000. Most of the activity takes place at the lower end of the market, where good value can be found. Mortgage loans in the middle income brackets are not readily available, therefore renting has become the norm – so says property consultant, Philip Kruis, who has opened a Jawitz Properties’ franchise in Sinoville, Pretoria North. He not only brings 20 years of experience in the property market but also a dedicated team of agents.

“Residents tend to stay in the area and only move when up- or downgrading. Many work in the central business district and enjoy not having to battle heavy traffic volumes during rush-hour, as experienced in the larger cities. A major development is currently under construction adding a further dimension to growth in the market” he says.

Kruis cautioned that houses should always be priced according to property norms, otherwise they tend to remain on the market for lengthy periods. These days more and more buyers are looking for properties via the internet which means they can search in their own time from the comfort of their armchairs.

“Investing in a Jawitz Properties franchise was a positive move for me,” he says. “Jawitz has an impressive business model with an exemplary integrity record. The benefits of partnering with a professional, well established national brand speaks for itself as properties for sale are exposed throughout the country,” says Kruis.

“Matching buyers with sellers and tenants with landlords is always rewarding. It’s all about building relationships and not just about selling and renting homes. But the time to buy is now, as property has proved to be the best investment there is,” he says.