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New IHPC estate agency office open in Pretoria East

IHPC continues to grow and in a short six months since they announced their rebranding, they have 25 agents on board, have been operating in various areas of Cape Town and Midrand, and have now opened an office in Pretoria East at the Silver Lakes Office Park, which will be run by Almarie Joubert.

This site was chosen as it is located close to numerous embassies, which further compliments IHPC’s contact with German and international clientele (who make up a large percentage of their client base).

Joubert has been in the property industry for nine years, having been with two major property companies in the time she has been an estate agent. She said that she believes there is much business to be done in Pretoria and wanted to join an agency with an exciting and dynamic look. She said, too, that what attracted her to IHPC was the professional website, the excellent marketing tools offered and believes it to be a company that wants to move forward.

“They also give existing agents and new agents the opportunity to work freely to achieve goals together with the brand,” she said.

“The market in this area is hungry for people that are serious about the property industry and who are positive about this sector. Sellers out there are looking for smart working agents with a new approach”.

“The Pretoria East area is still growing and there are many new developments coming on stream, which in turn means properties that will be selling, renting and being bought. Where there is growth, there is good business to be done,” said Joubert.

Looking at a recent Lightstone report on the predominant suburbs that IHPC will be focusing on in Pretoria: Silverlakes, Equestria, Faerie Glen, Wapadrand, and Garsfontein, it is easy to see why IHPC would like to tap into the market there, as there is a good mix of freehold, sectional title and estate property, she said.

The majority of Silverlakes’ property is in estates, with no freehold property and 4% sectional title schemes. Equestria’s main property market is sectional title and estates, and only 1,62% in freehold. Faerie Glen has 13,04% in estates, 22,96% in freehold and 64% is sectional title. Wapadrand is mostly estates (63,61%), with only 2,7% freehold and the balance, 33,78% is sectional title. Garsfontein has 51,19% of its property in freehold, with 8,04% in estates and 40,77% sectional title.

In all these areas the average household income ranges are from LSM 9 to 10 and the average property prices range from R1,1 million (sectional title in Equestria) to R3,7 million (estate property in Silverlakes).

It is interesting to note, said Joubert, the age of people who are buying property in certain areas, and one that stands out as quite different from the trends in the other areas mentioned above, is Silverlakes. According to the Lightstone report, 60% of recent buyers are 36 to 49 years old (middle aged), with only 10% in the young adult category (18 to 35). In all the other areas, recent buyer figures were in the region of 33 to 39% middle aged and 28 to 41% young adult.