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Certified International Property Specialist course being run by IEASA

The Institute of Estate Agents of South Africa will be running, in conjunction with the National Association of Realtors, a Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) course from 7th to 11th September, which will cost R3 500 for members and R4 500 for non-members.

This course is to be held at the IEASA Western Cape Training Centre in Sheldon Way, Pinelands. Sessions will be held for five full days and will be split into five modules.

The CIPS course has been designed to give estate agents an edge when it comes to global marketing, says Kate Colsell, IEASA national operations manager. In addition, earning and retaining this designation will automatically include the agent into the National Association of Realtors’ global directory as a global partner and empowers the agent to conduct business around the world.

The CIPS course includes content on local markets in various countries, including the USA, Europe, and Asia, to name a few.

The content of each module will cover topics such as converting currencies and measures, nations and territories, historical and cultural influences, economic environments, market characteristics, regional trends, economic indicators, and so on.

It will also include how to assess the country targeted and give a sample analysis of a country’s market, as well as dealing with the marketing and selling practices in various regions.

“With the world becoming an ever-growing global village, it is important to be able to do business outside of South Africa and be aware of the differences in transacting and marketing properties in other countries,” said Colsell. “This course is a comprehensive stepping stone into a market which has great scope to grow.”

A special rate has been arranged for accommodation at a local hotel for those travelling from around the globe.