Pargo Partners With Freshstop At Caltex For Their E-commerce Pickup Point Solution

Pargo parcel points

Pargo, the parcel pick-up point solution that allows consumers to collect parcels at a store of their choosing, is now operating in over 230 outlets nationwide.

After becoming frustrated with the logistical challenges of parcel delivery, Lars Veul and Derk Hoekert, both with a background in e-commerce and logistics, decided to offer South Africans an alternative. “Optimal parcel delivery is about convenience, speed and reliability,” says Veul, “yet South African businesses and their customers frequently face late or missed deliveries. Disruptions at the Post Office have further complicated matters. By giving the option to have parcels delivered and collected at dedicated outlets, Pargo ensures customers will never miss a delivery again – and that delivery costs remain affordable.”

Since their successful launch in the Western Cape in December, the network of Pargo pick-up points has been growing rapidly. Today the Pargo network includes over 230 partner outlets in all major centers. Pargo pick-up points are established in well-known and trusted South African retail chains like Freshstop at Caltex, Waltons, OK Grocer and Vee’s Video.


Pargo in a nutshell

  • Pargo is a convenient logistics solution that allows consumers to collect parcels at dedicated pick-up points.
  • Online and offline retailers use Pargo as a simple, cost-effective method of delivering goods to customers via Pargo pick-up points.
  • Most pick-up points are open 24/7, giving customers the convenience of collecting their parcel whenever it suits them.
  • Pargo also offers a parcel returns solution. “South Africa lacks a viable returns solution, yet this is an essential component for online businesses in particular,” says Hoekert. “Organizing a return can be very frustrating for the consumer – you need to communicate with a courier and make sure you’re at home when they collect. With Pargo, you simply drop the parcel at one of the Pargo points and let us take care of the rest.”