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Norman Raad – Broll Auctions and Sales

Norman Raad, CEO of Broll Auctions and Sales, has many years’ experience in the commercial property industry – both in the capacity as a broker and a business owner. His experience in the industry includes tenures at McCreedy Friedlander and at Auction Alliance.

In 2011, with a solid property and administration team in place, he launched Greenday Property, which went on to hold numerous successful property auctions, selling some strategic, landmark properties. Then in 2015 Greenday Property entered in a JV partnership with Broll Property Group to form Broll Auctions and Sales with Raad as CEO. The company already has a number of highly successful national multiple auctions under its belt, with notable properties attracting bids from around the country and achieving sound, market-related prices.

Raad’s strengths lie in his understanding of commercial property as an asset class – a flair which enables him to assist corporate and funds with their acquisition and disposal strategies. With a track record as an astute and knowledgeable deal maker in the property industry, he has worked with top institutions and facilitated the sale and acquisition of all types of property.

With 40 years under its belt and an extensive client base, Broll Auctions and Sales is represented in almost every city in South Africa and known in 15 African states, and brings credibility to an industry which has endured much in recent years.

Raad’s philosophy is that the property industry is the most incredible business sector to be part of – continuously dynamic and evolving. He is constantly striving to achieve, searching for the next big deal, the next development or the latest innovation in business and property. “I quickly move on from past successes and achievements and regularly set new goals,” he says. “I love property and no matter what else I could have done, I would somehow always have been involved in property. Negotiating and doing deals is what I love,” he adds.

In one of his first ventures he opened the first Fratelli restaurant with his brothers and partner. He says the restaurant business teaches a good work ethic and discipline – you learn how to serve, develop communication skills with different cultures and people and build confidence. He also opened Pen and Art and Swatch stores in the late 1990’s.

A family man, Raad says his children and family are his true ‘north’ and what makes him truly happy and enjoy life.

Source: Broll

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