FWJK breaks ground at KPMG Place on the Foreshore

Artist’s impression of KPMG Place

The first new office building in many years to break ground on the front row of the Roggebaai Office Precinct is to be known as KPMG Place. Craig Armstrong a spokesman for the developers, FWJK announced that construction work had just begun on this R400 million project being developed for Pietermaritzburg based Ducatus Group. “This is FWJK’s second high rise tower that they have developed in the City Centre after Touchstone House in Bree Street which is due for completion in October this year”, he added.

Anchor tenant in this 19,000m² mixed use development will be KPMG, taking 7,000m² of A+ grade office space. KPMG will relocate their entire operation 200m from the MSC Building to 4 Christiaan Barnard Street. Gary Pickering, Managing Partner at KPMG, advised that they had considered many relocation options presented to them over the past two years, with this development assembled by FWJK providing the most attractive option from a cost and design efficiency perspective.

Pickering added that they were also attracted by the “green” initiatives that had been incorporated into the building design and believed that KPMG Place would provide them with the perfect home into which they would relocate to during the first half of 2017.

The design of KPMG Place has focused on electricity and water savings for the benefit of the occupants and these design initiatives according to Armstrong include light motion sensors throughout the office and parking levels, heat resistance glazing, the elimination of geysers throughout the building and the inclusion of wall kettles in place thereof, water saving sanitary and brassware as well as many other design and product initiatives that focus on these savings which will result in KPMG Place having one of the lowest per square metre electricity and water costs in Cape Town which will become one of the new yardsticks for comparing varying office relocation options he added.