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The High Street Auction Co is set to auction over 80 properties worth over R500 million for the City of Tshwane

In its drive to be an African Capital City of Excellence, the City of Tshwane has begun realizing its 2055 Vision to improve the lives and prospects for its residents under its innovative land release strategy.

The City has opted for the method of an auction due to the transparency and value maximisation inherent within the mechanism. In addition, the City of Tshwane will set itself apart from its counterparts within Sub-Saharan Africa due to the innovation associated with the project and the manner in which it is being executed.

The City’s spokesman Blessing Manale said: “After careful consideration The High Street Auction Co was appointed as the auction partner to dispose of the land for the city. Their transparent auction solution suits our objectives in that they can expedite the sales process with competent business processes and expertise”.

The City of Tshwane aims to auction the first phase of properties on 24 March 2015.