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Local market endorses Steyn City's vision of a pedestrianized lifestyle

An aerial view of the Steyn City village.

The exceptional interest in the newly launched Steyn City Lifestyle Resort has seen 50% of the first freehold stands released in Phase I and 90% of the 93 apartments released in the new Origin Village sold this weekend.

Sales and Marketing Director Seamus Moore comments, “This equates to R700-million in land and build sales over the opening week alone, revealing just how strong market appetite is for this ‘first of its kind’ property development where pedestrianised living is at the fore and the public has access to already built product and can view the infrastructure investment upfront.”

Steyn City Properties CEO Giuseppe Plumari adds; “We anticipated that there would be large interest in our offering, based on the pent up demand generated during the pre-launch phase of development but we had not anticipated the response fed back from the weekend. The market has now spoken and more than endorsed our unique offering of pedestrian style living, underpinned by a lifestyle like none other that many people thought was out of their reach…until now.”

Despite the almost overwhelming initial response, Plumari reports that Steyn City will continue to exceed potential home owners’ expectations by quickly responding to the current amount of attention. “We’ll continue to provide a world-class offering and no prospective buyer’s interest will go unanswered,” he stresses.

To achieve this, the Steyn City Properties Management team is currently analysing the data from the sales achieved during the opening weekend; the outcome of which will determine how best to structure future phases of development to meet and tailor market specific demands. This will see the announcement of new off-plan offerings in the next few weeks to potential buyers and investors .

As part of this well managed approach, a fully operational general enquiry line is now up and running (010) 597-1000 as is the new look website that will allow interested buyers to book a personalised, interactive tour of the Lifestyle Resort and allow them to experience the unique lifestyle by stepping out..

Moore says this sales strategy is best suited to a development of this kind, especially since most of the prospective buyers in the Resort have already expressed interest in the lifestyle that Steyn City presents, as opposed to just the residences for sale.

“This type of experiential tour therefore provides the right type of exposure and a full appreciation of the lifestyle on offer – you can’t express it from a vehicle and driving around – you need to get out in a golf cart and traverse the 15 km boulevard, visit the many leisure hot spots and examine why we are giving you 100 and more reasons to live at Steyn City – after all seeing truly is believing in this unique way of life!”