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Johannesburg's premier residential property exhibitions to kick off in April

This five-bedroom in home in Dainfern golf estate, Johannesburg, is on the market through Pam Golding Properties for R11 million.

If you are serious about selling your home, then this showcase is for you!

“Putting your home on the market is one thing but being able to give your biggest asset the exposure it deserves is quite another,” says Rupert Finnemore and Jonathan Davies, joint area managers of Pam Golding Properties Hyde Park office.

It is with this philosophy in mind that the Pam Golding Properties team has put together an extensive property showcase, which will run for several weeks in a number of Johannesburg’s premier shopping centres, thereby affording considerable additional exposure to serious property sellers.

Finnemore says Pam Golding properties is inviting anyone interested in selling their property to contact the company with the view of having their home included as part of one of the most extensive property showcases seen in Johannesburg to date. The series of six premier property exhibitions will run from 21 April to 8 June around Johannesburg.

“Apart from buying a new home, putting a much-loved residential property on the market is one of the more significant decisions one can possibly make. It therefore stands to reason that you would want to be absolutely sure that you are obtaining the best advice on selling your property and use the very best platform to show your property off to the widest possible audience.”

When it comes to selling or letting your property, an exclusive mandate with PGP ensures that your property is seen by the right people at the right time. “Using an exclusive mandate on a property enables us to take total responsibility for the sale. In addition, it allows us to make a complete commitment to the selling of the property and to deploy greater resources in the advertising and marketing of the home,” explains Finnemore.

“The Pam Golding Properties exclusive mandate offers numerous benefits including complete access to the enormous expertise and experience that is available through the agency,” he adds. “It is designed to do nothing less than guide sellers through every aspect of their sale. Backing this up is the PGP marketing system, which is a carefully balanced mix of cutting edge digital and traditional media, as well as an extensive data base of potential buyers, to ensure the property reaches the right homeseekers at the best possible time.”

“An agency with the necessary expertise and marketing leverage behind it is in the perfect position of being able to make an exclusive mandate count. Indeed, not only does it offer a more convenient way to market a home, it is also more effective.”

According to Davies, it is critical for a home to reach the correct market at the right price. “Few sellers can afford to have their home sit on the market for a long period of time, which is a possibility if it is priced too high and not marketed effectively,” he advises. “The way a home is brought to market therefore has a considerable impact on the likelihood that it will receive a number of sound offers to purchase. The agency should have the necessary experience, expertise and marketing resources to be able to assist the home seller to generate maximum interest from appropriate buyer,” he points out.

“During the property exhibitions we will be profiling some of the most exclusive residential real estate in Gauteng which will attract an array of qualified buyers whom we hope to match to a wide selection of properties on show.”

“We invite members of the public to come and view the properties in this exclusive portfolio,” concludes Jonathan Davies. “Our agents will be available to answer any questions that visitors may have.”