RealtyWealth Launches innovative US Commercial Real Estate Investment Platform in South Africa

Following its successful US launch, – the first online real estate investment platform dedicated to Corporate Net Lease investments – is made available to South African investors today.

For the first time, savvy South African investors can now invest directly in a little known US Real Estate investment class previously known only to institutional, hedge fund and UHNW investors. gives South African investors the opportunity to invest in institutional quality, commercial real estate backed by corporate lease agreements from credit rated tenants such as McDonalds, Starbucks, KFC, Citibank and Walmart. These are known as Single Tenant Net Lease (STNL) investments and are ideal for absentee, passive foreign investors. is the first portal ever to offer STNL investments to foreign investors from South Africa, China, India and Canada in response to growing investor demand for stable, yielding US assets. Foreign investors are flocking to invest in the US Real Estate market attracted by the surging US dollar and yields that real estate investments deliver. Chinese investors have been particularly active with investments in US commercial properties jumping 10-fold from 2012-2013 and, according to Real Analytics, expected to reach $10 billion by 2014.

Through its strategic marketing relationships with international distributers such as China’s premium property listing portal “”, continues to expand its growing international investor base. is the largest outbound Chinese investment portal for US & UK properties and the Alibaba of Asian Real Estate.

Strategic marketing relationships are being developed with additional international property marketing and distribution sites. Key relationships are held with major property developers and brokers in the US to ensure a steady flow of institutional quality properties are available for investment.

RealtyWealth’s state-of-the-art investment platform offers a convenient and secure four-step investment process. All investor funds received are securely held within an escrow bank account at JPMorgan Chase until the investment property is purchased and the investment process is complete.

South African Founders Bryan Smith, a Commercial Real Estate Developer with over 10 years commercial real estate experience at an executive level in South Africa and the US and Sam Vogel, an international financier previously with Nedcor and resident in the US for 14 years, identified STNL as ideal for SA investors. In August 2013 they combined resources to take advantage of the Crowdfunding Phenomenon that hit the US Real Estate market following the US Jobs Act. They have carved out a niche offering STNL investments to Accredited US investors and expanding their product to foreign investors.

The last six months have seen significant development within the US real estate Crowdfunding market. Over $700M has been raised by Real Estate Tech Startups since 2012 with peer sites Fundrise and RealtyMogul each boasting $100M+ post Series A valuations.

“STNL investments are ideal investment for foreign absentee investors” explained Bryan Smith, CEO. “The investment properties are secured by long-term leases where the credit-rated corporate tenant is responsible for all incidentals, taxes, insurance and maintenance and pays the investor a net lease payment monthly.”

“In the unlikely event that the corporate tenant defaults on the lease, the investors still retains the underlying property. In addition most leases have contractual rental increases over the term to keep up with inflation and investors are able to write off property depreciation against lease income” Smith continued.

U.S. UHNW investors, Family Offices, Hedge Funds and REITS have been taking advantage of these investments for decades. Now with investment access more readily available, accredited investors across the US and global investors are able to invest in STNL properties exclusively through

“ operates as an international aggregator of local and foreign investors typically seeking stable US-based Real Estate Investments,” said Sam Vogel, co-founder. “These STNL products are particularly attractive to South African investors in that they offer long-term, corporate backed, passive income with an inflation and currency hedge.”

“Over the past 14 months we have invested in, developed and fine-tuned’s proprietary, world class investment platform. A key feature is the investor dashboard that allows investors anywhere in the world to review our US-based properties, make investments, track portfolios and seamlessly receive statements, earnings and tax computations all online ” concluded Bryan Smith. is undergoing regulatory approval in SA and offers South African investors a straightforward, effective and secure way to invest in the US Commercial Property market.