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The growth & awareness of the legal ownership of property by less affluent citizens of Paarl

Home ownership of less affluent Paarl citizens is growing, according to the Rawson Property Group.

The fairly large band of property trend watchers are looking, as always, for evidence that those at the lower end of the emerging middle class are muscling in on home ownership – and thereby stabilising South Africa’s political situation – should take note of just how rapidly a satellite office of the Rawson Property Group’s Paarl franchise, which established in October 2013, has grown.

Lizette Joubert, the Rawson Property Group’s franchisee for Paarl, said that this satellite of her main office is run by her husband Arno and now employs five agents. Last year, she said, it was responsible for 37% of the franchise’s sales turnover – and this year, Joubert expects sales here to rise by at least 20%.

“What these figures seem to show,” said Joubert, “is that among the less affluent citizens of Paarl there is a rapidly growing awareness of the benefits of legal property ownership. This is, however, often coupled with a serious lack of knowledge about property in general, and property buying and selling in particular, including the conditions that have to be met to qualify for a bond.”

“An estate agent operating in areas such as this has to be a counsellor and to guide to his clients, many of whom, while initially unable to buy a home, can with financial advice and with help on their credit records be coaxed into a position where they can, in fact, get onto the property owning ladder – and once there, it has been our experience, life for many of them takes on a new meaning and new happiness.”