Clearwater Mall Goes Green With Solar Energy

Energy efficiency at Hyprop’s Clearwater Mall is set to rise with the installation of a 500kWp solar photovoltaic plant (“PV”) which went operational last week. The R8 million plant installed on the centre’s roof is expected to conserve 900 000 kWh of electricity per year, the equivalent to that of approximately 100 average households. It will supply approximately 3% of Clearwater Mall’s annual electricity.

CEO Pieter Prinsloo says: “The 500kWp PV will mitigate the impact of continuously rising electricity costs as well as shrinking Hyprop’s carbon footprint, in line with the primary objectives of our environmental strategy.” Prinsloo confirms that Hyprop’s investment in solar power for Clearwater Mall is the first step with similar ‘green’ solutions to be rolled out at other centres in the portfolio.