Cape Town Stadium Final Scoping Report opens for comment

Cape Town Stadium

The Cape Town Stadium has the potential to improve its financial viability by accommodating commercial activities in addition to those currently permitted. It has been estimated that approximately 20 000 m² of office and retail space exists within the stadium. The current conditions of the Environmental Authorisation granted in January 2007 restrict commercial operations within the stadium to event days only. An application to review these environmental conditions has been initiated.

A Final Scoping Report has been compiled for the amendment of the existing Environmental Authorisation (dated January 2007) for the Cape Town Stadium. This amendment is proposed in order to allow commercial activities in addition to those currently permitted in terms of the existing approvals. The purpose of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) being undertaken in terms of the National Environmental Management Act (107 of 1998) is to determine and assess the potential environmental impacts arising from the proposed amendment. This project is currently in the scoping phase which is to be followed by an assessment phase.

Interested and affected parties are invited to submit comments on the Final Scoping Report, up to an including 23 January 2015. After the commenting period closes, all comments received will be documented and the finalised report will be submitted to the Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning as the regulatory authority, for a decision. Registered parties have been notified of the availability of this report for comment and it can also be viewed at the Sea Point Library, or directly accessed from

The Assessment Phase is anticipated to commence in the first quarter of 2015, when potential impacts will be evaluated. Members of the public will be advised that the Assessment Report is available via notices in the media. An invitation for further public input and comments will be issued alongside the Assessment Report.