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Over 150 plot and plan contracts now signed at the Burgundy development

An artist’s impression showing the type of home that is currently being built in Brackenfell’s Burgundy development.

Just over 150 plot and plan deals have now been signed at the Burgundy development in Brackenfell, which was launched in August last year. In this initial phase of the development 400 residential opportunities will be made available – and thereafter the development will continue to unroll for a further two to three years, making it currently the biggest single residential project in the Western Cape.

Jacques Le Sueur of the Rawson Brackenfell Roslyn franchise, who is the top sales agent in the six man team servicing the Burgundy development, said that plot and plan packages are priced from R1,3 million to R4 million (he has just facilitated a R3,8 million contract, the most expensive so far at Burgundy).

The strongest demand, said Le Sueur, is in the R1,5 million to R1,8 million category. All the freestanding houses in this price range now being marketed have three or four bedrooms, with a minimum of 156 m2 of floor area. The average floor area is around 200 m2.

Buyers have a choice of some 30 floor layouts and configurations and can alter any of these to suit their needs and tastes – although obviously alterations will involve a small extra charge. Buyers also have a very wide range of choice in the materials, fittings, fixtures and colour schemes to be installed in their homes.

Le Sueur said that unlike the second-hand market which traditionally declines in the wet winter months, this new development has seen no slowdown and sales are currently averaging 15 a month. This figure, he said, is likely to pick up further in the spring.

Burgundy’s popularity is, said Le Sueur, based on three prime factors – affordability, a pleasing semi-rural setting and the development’s central position in relation to the major Greater Cape Town work nodes. However, he said, the affordability factor is undoubtedly the prime driver, the perception among buyers being that this project offers real value for money.

“You have to realise,” he said, “that today’s buyers are sophisticated and they understand the market. They will therefore hone in on a scheme like Burgundy every time because of the value it offers.”