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'Pop-up' revolution hits Sea Point

New to the property market is the ‘pop-up open house’; an innovative way to bring a newly listed property to all busy buyers, fairly and equally, within hours of listing. “We’re all time starved and when a property lists, it needs to get to the market quickly and conveniently,” say Gavin Peters and Lyonelle Venter of Jawitz Properties, who operate in the under-R 3 million Sea Point sectional title market. 

They say in the current market, Jawitz has found the best way to meet demand effectively and fairly to all buyers by hosting a ‘pop-up open house’ – an hour long launch where buyers are invited to view the latest property for sale.

“With only 24 to 48 hours’ notice, our buyers are told where to be and at what time the doors will open,” Peters adds. “We find properties move very quickly this way, often being sold before the more traditional Sunday show day rolls around.”

Buyers have embraced this “pop-up” concept and they ask to be notified as soon as we list something new. “They enjoy that they can quickly come down one evening after work to see what’s available to buy,” Venter says. 

“Pop-up events aren’t limited to a midweek showing, however, sometimes it could be an hour on a Saturday,” she adds.  And ‘pop-ups’ are happening almost weekly with success. “We are getting to show a new home this way each week and both buyers and sellers are feeling the benefits.”

“Properties are viewed quickly and conveniently in a short time period which sellers love as they don’t have to give up their home for a whole afternoon over the weekend,” Peters says. “While buyers like to see what’s new as soon as possible, and the best part is that properties are selling fast this way.”

He adds that it is also a much more exciting, time-productive way to sell homes for agents. “There is certainly still a place for Sunday show days but we’ve found that, often when we list a property in the week, we have offers before the weekend and have to cancel our show day.  So we devised fast-paced, exciting pop-ups in Sea Point. It’s a fresh way to do business.”

Francois Venter, Director of Jawitz Properties, adds that it’s exciting to see a new method working successfully. “It’s always refreshing when a new, productive way of selling emerges and Jawitz Properties is pleased to be at the forefront of this new trend,” he concludes.