City of Cape Town’s Valuations Department Wins Thomson Reuters Award

The City of Cape Town’s Valuations Department, which forms part of its Finance Directorate has recently being named Thomson Reuters’s (Manatron) ‘Jurisdiction of the Year 2014’.

This is the highest award that a jurisdiction, such as a municipality, can receive. The City competed against more than 1 000 other Thomson Reuters government customers across the globe.

The City was entered into the ‘Excellence in Business Process Transformation’ category of the Public Sector Champions Awards, which was adjudicated by a selection panel that consisted of independent industry experts and Thomson Reuters executives.

The Valuations Department’s unique implementation and use of a system for property valuation, used across the world, has been lauded.

The City uses the same system, the Thomson Reuters Aumentum (GRM) product, as the other municipalities, but the City’s use of this system to increase productivity and to introduce innovations stood out for the judges.

Some of these innovations and increased efficiencies include the redesign and implementation of the City’s objection process, which has enabled it to realise an improvement in the resolution of objections during the latest general valuations objections and appeals process. The improvement is in the order of several hundred percent.

Furthermore, the City’s innovative real-time use of the system also includes a multi-database solution to accommodate South Africa’s unique valuation requirements; the sending of SMSs on receipt and resolution of objections, and the use of the ‘notice’ and ‘history’ functionality on the GRM product that allows the department to produce reliable valuation rolls, billing files and a website that are all aligned.