Community and Charity

Balfour Park Shopping Centre needs fairy godmothers

The matric dance is an important occasion in the lives of many young people, but not everyone has the opportunity or the means to dress up. This year, Balfour Park will be calling on its shoppers to assist The Princess Project, which relies on public donations of used outfits to benefit less privileged matriculants.

Erica Pienaar and the late Helga Leurs founded the Princess Project in 1996. Helga’s dream was to make a real difference by sponsoring less privileged matriculants who do not have the financial resources to dress up for their matric farewell. By requesting donations of ex-evening outfits, wedding dresses and ball gowns that no longer fit, or that will never be worn again, The Princess Project can ensure that Helga’s dream continues to be realized, and that many more female matriculants can feel like a princess on their big night.

If you have an evening outfit or dress that you no longer wear or which is simply taking up space in your wardrobe, then please consider donating it to The Princess Project – you can be assured that it will make a matriculant feel like Cinderella for a night. You can drop off your outfits at Balfour Park’s Centre Management office during the Matric Dance Expo, between 28 and 31 August.

The wonderful synergy created by Balfour Park’s Matric Dance Expo and the Princess Project offers female matriculants from all walks of life the opportunity to look their best at their matric dance. The Expo will showcase Balfour Park’s large fashion, jewellery and beauty offering and will include a competition to win a matric dance package valued at R12 000.