Community and Charity

Redefine recognises the efforts of Johannesburg emergency services

Marc Wainer, CEO of JSE-listed Redefine Properties, (left) shakes hands with Jaque Schade, Acting station officer of Fairview Fire Station, as Andries Mucavele, the Divisional Chief looks on. Wainer popped into the station yesterday to pay tribute to the emergency services and acknowledge the essential and valuable role they play in the community. Wainer recognised and thanked firefighters who bravely assisted in putting out a recent fire at its Smit Street building in the Johannesburg CBD. He also commended firefighters from other stations who assisted. Wainer commented that witnessing the important impact our emergency services have in the community has inspired him to ensure Redefine has an even greater positive influence on communities, wherever it operates. Redefine is deeply invested in Joburg, which is home to Redefine’s headquarters as well as many of its major property investments. Among its community projects in the city, Redefine sponsors the children’s playground inside Joburg Zoo as well as Buskaid, which brings music education to disadvantaged children in Soweto.